Hi Everyone! So glad you made your way here! My name is Jackie, I live in Chicago with my boyfriend and two dogs. We moved here from CT and I originally grew up in upstate NY.  I’m a Whole30 believer and survivor, Pure Barre junkie, spin lover and a runner at heart.  I wanted to create this space to address everything that goes into living a balanced life. Moving your body, nourishing your body and doing it all in style!

This space is about finding the food that works for your body and your lifestyle.  Food is a lifestyle and finding a lifestyle that makes you feel good is what sticks. Not dieting or restricting, but rather nourishing and fueling your body to do the things you want to do.

I certainly don’t always practice what I preach. There’s a balance that I think is so important to find, so that you can make lasting lifestyle changes. It took me a while to get to a place where I know what makes me feel good and don’t expect anyone to jump right to that point either. It’s a journey, and an ever evolving one! We veer off track, but we know how to get back with tools we’ve learned over time.

After doing my first Whole30 I knew what worked best for my body was eliminating dairy and gluten.  After doing a few rounds, I’ve started to compile some of my favorite recipes, tips and tricks to share with all of you. My recipes will all be gluten free, mostly dairy free and almost all adaptable to Whole30.  Most importantly, I promise to bring you delicious and simple recipes to fit into your lifestyle.

Beyond the food, is the lifestyle that comes along with feeling that great.  Not only eating what works for you, but finding a practice for moving your body that makes you feel even better. When you feel good, you sleep better, you wake up refreshed and you want to move your body.  It’s a complete package.  In the end, I hope to inspire anyone who is struggling with not feeling their best to find the food and lifestyle that will serve them.  Remember, none of us is perfect. I don’t always follow my own rules, but I know the consequences (part of my Food Freedom) and it’s all about progress over perfection.

Join me on my continued and ever evolving journey, and I hope you share yours with me so we can all celebrate together!

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